Site Re-Design & Our Demographic

Hey everyone! Haven't been doing much with the site lately. Am mostly working on my own projects which are of a distinctly non-wing nature. I thought I'd share with you the following link to a site which ascertains demographics. Click here to see the results. Apparently my site is popular with educated women. Am I shocked? Not one bit (= I am pleased to see the number of men who visit my site. Who says there are no fairy boys out there still?

I'm going to be doing a final redesign of the site as I do this *every* December pretty much. This will hopefully be the last redesign for a while and will secure as a gallery, a source of inspiration for fairy artists, and a portal to other fairy sites. I will be including a list of sites where you can buy wings, some tutorials (including the ultimate wing cook book), and some great links to fairy art sites as well as some free graphics for your myspace, webpage, etc. Should be fun! Let me know if you have any other suggestions!

Feather Wing Tutorial On Instructables

I re-vamped the tutorial I did last year for Not Just Cosplay for Instructables. Instructables is a DIY site which shows you among other things how to modify your toaster to create Pac Man Shapes, how to cut your ferret's toenails, or how to make the perfect French Silk Pie. The tutorial took almost 2 whole days to re-write and I'm still not happy with the images, but oh well. The tutorial should be live on the site sometime around now. You can view it by clicking here.


Mom & Me Tea - Cincinnati

As once again I will be moving overseas to pursue my love of language, Fairy Wings & Things is happy to announce we will be donating much of our remaining inventory to a very worthy cause. The Mom and Me Tea event will help raise funds for the Cincinnati Childrens' Hospital on February 2nd. Among the baskets featured in the event, there will be special fairy baskets available featuring some of the items you have seen on the site. If you are in the Cincinnati area, please stop by for the chance to get some great fairy wear while contributing to the health and well-being of some great kids!

Mom and Me a Valentine Tea Kindervelt of Cincinnati Childrens' Hospital Medical Center

Saturday, Feb. 2, at 11am

Tori's Station, Fairfield Banquet and Convention Center on Donald Drive

Kindervelt of Fairfield is having a Mom and Me Valentine Tea to raise funds for Cincinnati Childrens' Hospital Medical Center. On Feb. 2nd at Tori's Station, Fairfield Banquet and Convention Center on Donald Drive. Join us for a day of raffles, auction items, crafts and more. Girls will get a chance to model their tea party finest on stage, and there will be a hot chocolate bar and sweet shoppe. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased by calling 829-9778.
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Glamour Angel Wings & Tutorial

Hey everyone! So the tutorial I created for Not Just Words is finally up and ready for viewing here:

Here are some photos of the finished product!

Also! Fairy wings and things is officially making the switch from a store to a gallery, so if you wanted to order any of the remaining 4 pairs or so before we move our studio, please do so soon. We will not be able to ship wings during the holiday season, and so all orders received will be shipped in January. We will also not be accepting custom orders until further notice.

Happy Holidays!!!

~Mary Fairy
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The End of Commercial Winging

Hi everybody! I'm sorry to say, but this October marked the last batch of wings I will be creating commercialy for customers. After 10 years of doing business on the web, I'm eager to try my hand at other artistic routes (particularly painting, photography, and writing- which I've been neglecting). I have taken on a crafting column in a small costuming zine called Not Just Words - which will be published monthly. They will be publishing an interview with me next month and after that I will have a column offering monthly tutorials on making various things (not just wings) for costumes. I am also still looking to finish my "Ultimate Wing Maker's Guide" which I will post on the site once it has been re-vamped into a gallery. I want to thank all the wonderful customers, visitors, and fans of the site. I wouldn't have stuck with it if it wasn't for your encouragement! Thank you! And for those of you who are worried you'll never see a new pair of wings from me- don't be. I intend to continue making wings as a form of artistic expression- I don't think I could stop doing that (;

All the best,

Mary Fairy
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Fairy Horns!

I'm trying to fill out the "things" section of the site a bit more, so I've added some horns I've recently made. I'm also going to make some fairy skirts and tops. I'll let you know once they're up!

More at

<3 Mary Fairy
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Stop by and see our wings!

Callou Street Fair

September 23, 2007
12:00 PM - 06:00 PM

101 Pierce St. and Waller
(lower Haight)
San Francisco, CA 94117

Crafts and fashions by local and student designers, using leatherwork, handknits, recycled-materials clothing, Buffalo-hair yarn, and more. Hosted by Brazilian designer Callou. Food + drinks + cool crafts! Free.

More Info: